#TipfulTuesday: Who Pays for What in a Wedding?

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Let’s face it weddings are not cheap! Traditionally the bride’s family is responsible for the bulk cost of the entire wedding. While the groom & his family take care of the rehearsal dinner, honeymoon, and the brides rings. Keeping with traditions when it comes to who pays for what we have a few etiquette guidelines for you!

Bride + Family:

  • Ceremony & reception venue
  • Food & beverage
  • Wedding gown + accessories
  • Services of wedding planner
  • Stationary (Save the date + invitations + thank you cards + programs + menu cards)
  • Flowers + photography + videography + entertainment + transportation
  • Guest Favors
  • Rentals (Tables + Chairs + Linens)
  • Bridal hair & makeup
  • Bridal luncheon
  • Grooms ring + bridesmaids gifts + wedding gift for groom

Groom + Family:

  • Rehearsal dinner
  • Marriage license
  • Officiant’s fee
  • Honeymoon
  • His wedding day attire
  • Brides rings + groomsmen gifts + brides wedding day gift

Bridal Party:

  • Wedding day attire (bride & grooms sometimes pay for this)
  • Wedding shower
  • Bachelor & bachelorette parties
  • Hair + makeup (brides sometimes pay for this)
  • Hotel room if needed

Now in days things have changed a bit, couples are getting married later in life when they are both financially stable enough to pay for the wedding on their own. Both bride’s & groom’s parents are contributing more evenly.

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#TipfulTuesday: Brighten Up Your Wedding Day

It is a beautiful sunny day and you find the wedding venue of your dreams. Now that the sun is down and the house lights are on              the atmosphere has totally changed. We have a solution for you….Lighting! We just love the idea of adding some form of                          additional lighting to set your wedding mood. Here are a few of our favorites.

  • Look at these beautiful bistro lights strong across the reception area, perfect lighting for any outdoor wedding!

cafe lights

  • Absolutely amazing photo showing the use of pinspots on the tables and also some amazing uplighting that draws your        attention up to the beautiful ceilings.
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Photo Credit: By Jennefer Wilson


  • This is a perfect way to accent a blank wall. We are in love with these trees!!
  • What a beautiful way to camouflage the concrete wall.

Wall Design Lighting


  • These chandeliers give a touch of elegance while adding some significant lighting to your wedding.

Chandeliers Over Table


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#TipfulTuesday: From a Photographer…

2013 Lightly PhotographySarah Rizy with the amazingly talented (and amazingly located in Fort Worth) Lightly Photography provides us with our #TipfulTuesday today… {thank you Rizy for your sharing your wisdom, time and suggestions}   

Lightly Photography 2014 http://lightllyphoto.com

Wondering what to wear for your engagement portraits?  It is one of the most difficult challenges when it comes time to step in front of the camera.  Here are some of our tips and tricks to make sure your outfits look flattering and visually interesting.

Tracy Autem Photography 2013 http://tracyautem.com

One of our favorite things is when our clients are not afraid to layer clothing in males and females. Layering offers an additional dimension, definition of your body shape and interest to your photos. 


Make sure you are dressing appropriately for the season in which your photos are taken. If it is winter, layer up! If it is summer dress in lighter clothing. It may be wise for men to avoid long sleeves and suit jackets during summer months. If weather is expected to be hot bring along extra clothes in case you perspire and stain your clothing, it’s always good to have back up’s!

Tracy Autem Photography 2014 http://tracyautem.com

We encourage our clients not be afraid of bright colors or patterns. If you love patterns and bright colors EMBRACE IT!!!  You can always mix a bright with a neutral if you are afraid of all over color.


 Make sure the colors you are wear are complimentary but not matching. We warn against wearing white shirts and jeans or something to that liking as we prefer you not end up on an awkward family photo blog! 

 If you are going to buy new clothes make sure you buy silhouettes that you know flatter your body. We suggest staying away from the billowing clothing. An outfit that is cinched and emphasizes the smallest part of your waist is always flattering.

Tracy Autem Photography 2014 http://tracyautem.com

 When in doubt go with what you love; things that make you feel pretty and the outfits that always fetch you compliments.  Despite your clothing what should be center focus is your relationship and personalities.

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#TipfulTuesday – Socialize

It’s time to Socialize

Everyone is obsessed with social media these days. Whether it is Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter – you probably shamelessly follow best friends/idols for that instant notification something new is happening with them.  So why not add this new age of technology into your wedding?!

 Brand your big day by creating a wedding day hashtag to your instagram, we know they say that hashtaging is out but for your wedding day it is almost a must. By creating a hashtag you and your husband are able to see all the fun photos guest took at your wedding. Also you can use this hashtag after the wedding as well to keep your guest updated on your adventures as husband and wife. You can hashtag your honeymoon, new house, holidays, and even your anniversaries. What a wonderful way to keep all your guest updated on your new journey in life together.

 What you will need is to create a hashtag (#), for example:


 We love to create “event-day” hash-tags by using http://twubs.com/ – where you can keep the conversation alive with your followers on twitter!

 Make sure it is something easy for your guest to # away with all evening – and rhyming get’s you bonus points!

 Tell us about your wedding day hashtags!


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