#TipfulTuesday: Cutting Down Your Wedding Guest List

When planning a wedding your guest list is one of the first places you need to start. In order to pick a venue you need to be sure your guest size fits. Guest list can get out of hand real quick depending how big your family is or depending how close you are to your coworkers. When making your guest list here are some people to rethink before putting them on the list


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  1. If you come from a large family with extended cousins you sometimes feel like you need to invite them all but with children that might be your entire list. Truly you need to invite only your immediate family, this includes your aunts, uncles, and first cousins. When it comes to second and third cousins that depends how close you are to them.
  2. Co-workers, of course you see most of these people on a daily basis but who do you really communicate with while at work? If you see this co-worker outside of work then they should certainly be on the list.
  3. Who gets a plus one, do not feel like every single person needs to have a plus one. If the best man usually has a new girlfriend every other month than it is best to just invite him. Think about your wedding pictures and who you want to see looking back at them years to come.
  4. Families with children, this is certainly up to the bride & groom if they want to invite children. An easy way to get away from this is to address the invitation to just the parents or state it will be an adult reception on the invitation. Of course you may want your niece & nephew there because they are your flower girl & ring bearer that does not mean you have to extend the invite to all other families with children.
  5. Parents guest list; give both sides the same amount of guest they can invite but go through the list with them. Sometimes you might have the same person already on your list as well.
  6. Childhood friends; if you have not seen or talked to them besides social media over the past two years then you can exclude them from the list. Although if their parents are invited due to being our your parents list then they will need to be included.

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You can also create a A & B list; the A list would include all your close family & friends people you would be so sad not to see on the biggest day of your life. The B list would be for example the co-workers you see every day but do not necessary have the closest relationship with. When sending out your invitations send the A list first and a couple weeks earlier than normal. Once you get some of the responses as a “no” you can start to send the B list.

We hope these suggestions help you when creating your wedding guest list. Tell us all about your wedding guest list, did you have problems cutting it down? Follow us on Facebook @SarabethEvents or Instagram @SarabethEvents.


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Tipful Tuesday: How to make your wedding guests feel welcome

So, some guests take a car, some come from very far… some fly in a plane, some may even come from Maine – alright, alright… enough with the rhyming, huh?! You get it… more times than not these days guests are treating weddings at a vacation or even a “stay-cation”. Here are a few tips on how to make them feel thought-of and welcomed.

  • Our favorite right now: really, really put some thought in to having a Friday night OR Sunday night wedding and an entire weekend to spend with your guests. Friday could be a welcome dinner event {even a public event, hosted by your city – remember, this may be all new to your guests so show them what you love about Dallas/Fort Worth}.  Saturday could be guys and dolls separate events with a low-key rehearsal dinner and party ending out the pre-wedding days. Then Sunday – send ‘em home hurtin’ and give them some good stories to tell!
  • Obviously, if the budget will allow, plan for guest bags/baskets welcoming them to their hotel room. Include local treats from the area AND search for some unique items with your names. Include a schedule of events for the weekend as well as several transportation companies, or local transit lines, they can use while visiting. Don’t forget the bottled water and Shiner!
    • Insider Tip: Expect a fee from each hotel to place the gift bags inside of each guest’s room. Some hotels may let you reduce this cost by offering to hand the guests the gift bags at the front desk during check in.

  • Have photos of each guest with the couple somewhere at the reception – guests love seeing them!
  • Ask guests their favorite songs on the Save The Date or a pre-printed napkin! Dedicate it to them.


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