#TipfulTuesday: Cutting Down Your Wedding Guest List

When planning a wedding your guest list is one of the first places you need to start. In order to pick a venue you need to be sure your guest size fits. Guest list can get out of hand real quick depending how big your family is or depending how close you are to your coworkers. When making your guest list here are some people to rethink before putting them on the list


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  1. If you come from a large family with extended cousins you sometimes feel like you need to invite them all but with children that might be your entire list. Truly you need to invite only your immediate family, this includes your aunts, uncles, and first cousins. When it comes to second and third cousins that depends how close you are to them.
  2. Co-workers, of course you see most of these people on a daily basis but who do you really communicate with while at work? If you see this co-worker outside of work then they should certainly be on the list.
  3. Who gets a plus one, do not feel like every single person needs to have a plus one. If the best man usually has a new girlfriend every other month than it is best to just invite him. Think about your wedding pictures and who you want to see looking back at them years to come.
  4. Families with children, this is certainly up to the bride & groom if they want to invite children. An easy way to get away from this is to address the invitation to just the parents or state it will be an adult reception on the invitation. Of course you may want your niece & nephew there because they are your flower girl & ring bearer that does not mean you have to extend the invite to all other families with children.
  5. Parents guest list; give both sides the same amount of guest they can invite but go through the list with them. Sometimes you might have the same person already on your list as well.
  6. Childhood friends; if you have not seen or talked to them besides social media over the past two years then you can exclude them from the list. Although if their parents are invited due to being our your parents list then they will need to be included.

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You can also create a A & B list; the A list would include all your close family & friends people you would be so sad not to see on the biggest day of your life. The B list would be for example the co-workers you see every day but do not necessary have the closest relationship with. When sending out your invitations send the A list first and a couple weeks earlier than normal. Once you get some of the responses as a “no” you can start to send the B list.

We hope these suggestions help you when creating your wedding guest list. Tell us all about your wedding guest list, did you have problems cutting it down? Follow us on Facebook @SarabethEvents or Instagram @SarabethEvents.


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#TipfulTuesday: Cocktail Time!

Lets be honest at a wedding guest are always interested in what adult cocktail they will be offered. Having a wedding signature drink is a fun way for a couple to incorporate a little piece of their personalities into a unique detail for their wedding day.

If having an open bar is something you are undecided on, having a signature drink is a good way to find a middle ground. You can create a his and hers drink or just one that is a combination of the two of you.

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Create a drink that ties into your wedding theme or style. This jalapeño margarita is a perfect Texas treat for out of town guest.

 The colors of the drink can go with the colors of your wedding and you can even add some fun details like colorful straws or drink stirrers. Add a fun sign with the name and ingredients in your drink with a pretty picture and you’re all set for your wedding signature cocktail!

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#TipfulTuesday: Summer Wedding Cool Down

Summer is a popular time to say “I Do” as we slowly are approaching the hotter days of the season here are some favorites of our to help keep your wedding cool!


Sitting out in the sun can heat up real quick. Make sure you have created layout for both your ceremony and reception that provides some shade. If you’re out of luck on shade add a tent with AC options. Parasols, fans and sunglasses are also great ways to bring down the sun and can make fun wedding favors.

water & lemonade pic

Always have a beverage station ready that your guest can guzzle on! Having iced water and lemonade provided to guests prior to ceremony and throughout the evening will help keep your guests and their temps tires at bay!

steel city pops wedding

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Offer chilled treats!! Whether for a cocktail hour pass or a midnight snack, you can never go wrong with an ice cream truck, shaved ice or popsicle cart! Find fun new flavors and colors that will tie into your wedding for a sweet treat! We love Steel City Pops here in the DFW area.

Wedding pool party

For those having festivities beach or pool side, take be afraid to take advantage of the water, but definitely wait until you have the go ahead from the bride! You can do a trash the dress photo. An after pool party might be exactly what you need to cool down on such a fun night!

How do you plan to cool things down this summer for your wedding? Tell us all about it, follow us on Facebook @SarabethEvents or Instagram @SarabethEvents.


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#TipfulTuesday: Including Your Groom In The Planning

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Planning a wedding can be one of the most stressful situations a couple is put through. Most fiancés will say whatever she wants I am happy with, but really she wants your opinion and thoughts.  You are about to say “I Do” for the rest of your life and you will be turning to each other for years come; needing each others opinions. We have come up with a few ways to get your groom involved in the wedding planning.

First sit down and discuss what you are both wanting out of the wedding. Does he want a band that will keep the guest dancing all into the night? If so put him in charge of the entertainment. Of course you both need to make the final decision together but he will be in charge of finding the bands and picking out the best one!


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The attire is very important for the bridal party, the bride is in charge of the bridesmaids so put him in charge of the groomsmen’s attire. Have him go try on styles and colors you have both picked. Then after selecting the mens attire he will have the task to get all the information to the groomsmen so they can get fitted.

One of a grooms most favorite parts of wedding planning is the food. When selecting your style of wedding discuss what kind of food you both want served. Maybe he loves hamburgers and fries and really wants to serve that at the wedding. Don’t worry you can totally do this with mini burgers served for cocktail hour or as a late night passed app. Be creative with his wishes when menu planning.


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With all this planning you are both going to need a vacation. Traditionally the groom is in charge of planning the honeymoon. So tell him just a few of your destination wishes and then let him take care of the rest.

Throughout the entire planning process keep him involved by giving him updates or asking his opinion. Show him the flowers you have picked. Let him decide on his style of grooms cake. Of course you two do not need to go to every vendor meeting together but just make sure his opinion is present.

We hope these tips help you with keeping your fiancé involved in the wedding planning process. Tell us all about how you and your husband planned your wedding together follow us on Facebook @SarabethEvents or Instagram @SarabethEvents.


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