#TipfulTuesday: Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

PSA: Mother’s day is this Sunday, May 14th (friendly reminder and you’re welcome). We love all mothers – because we know that it’s a really hard job sometimes. We wanted to compile a list of some “awwww” worthy gifts for Mother’s Day or Mother of the Bride or Groom.

1. Charm bracelet. Customize it with momentous dates you’ve shared together.

2. Minted Heart Collage. Pull together some childhood photos and make a heart shaped collage. Pulls at the heart strings…

3. “All that I am, or hope to be, I owe it to my Mother” Abraham Lincoln quote. Search for this saying and find it in dozens of way to gift to your mom.

4. Picture frames. Include various childhood photos and gift a blank one to fill with a wedding day photo.

5. Gift-of-the-month-club. We love these style gifts because it’s something new every event. Trust me – she’ll love it.

6. Personal time. Plan a whole day with your mom. Visit the spa, have lunch together and go to art museums. Time is the most valuable gift your mom can receive and it’s probably the only gift she wants.

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#TipfulTuesday: From the DJ’s Perspective

Our #TipfulTuesday today comes from the amazing Rod Baker of DFW Parties. He has provided us with some “do’s and don’ts” of hiring your DJ for your reception.

Rod Baker

I’ll start with the end in mind. What is your goal for the reception? I observe two kinds of wedding receptions, the ‘reunion’…and the ‘party’. A reunion means we’re going to be chatting a lot, catching up, lots of talking. On the other hand, the ‘party’ is exactly that. Lots of dancing and carrying on. There is no right or wrong way, but you should definitely spell this out in advance.

The most important part of hiring talent for your reception is matching, as close as possible, personality types. You’re talking to a person that isn’t a family member or lifelong friend, yet this person is holding an amplification device (a microphone), at YOUR event on such an important day. I feel like it’s a good idea to like this person.

Make sure to ask the tough questions. What if they’re not dancing? How are you going to handle someone requesting the Chicken Dance? Very important things to consider.

I believe a solid MC/DJ will sit down with you, help you map out a timeline and determine a good flow for the entire event. From there, seeing that they have a good command of ‘presence’ will let you know whether or not you have the right fit.

Of course, good planner recommendations are always valuable. Planners are in the trenches constantly, and give solid direction on working with talent who’s a good fit. An experienced planner can also weed out potentially bad choices in this area, again by asking the tough questions. Trust their judgment!

DFW Parties | Rod Baker | www.dfwparties.com

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