#TipfulTuesday: Wedding Planning Break Date Night Ideas!

Date Night

Wedding planning can be stressful on your relationship; it is important to put things aside and take time for just the two of you. That being said we know a four star restaurant or long weekend vacation is out of the picture with all your wedding expenses. Here are a few of our favorite date nights that wont break the budget.

Remember no wedding talk on these dates!

  1. Cook at meal together; use some of those new kitchen gadgets you registered for.
  2. Go on a bicycle ride around a park, if you live in Fort Worth try the bike sharing.
  3. Host game night with a few of your friends, everyone can bring a dish & their drink of choice.
  4. Go antiquing; you would be surprised at the treasures you might find.
  5. Enjoy an evening in the park listening to music, check out your local parks for their activity schedule.
  6. Pack a picnic and go to the lake, enjoy the sunset together.
  7. Go to a driving range and hit a few golf balls or to a batting cage.
  8. Drive around and look at open houses, you will both find out a lot on what each other wants in a home.
  9. Drive-in movie night; pack a dinner and enjoy a movie from your car.
  10. Get into wedding day shape, go jogging or walking together.
  11. Know your city? Go sightseeing around your own city, then you can tell your wedding guest the history of your city!
  12. Check out an open mic night at a local coffee shop.

We hope this helps you plan your next non wedding talk date night! Please tell us your inexpensive date night ideas. Tweet us @SarabethEvents or follow us on facebook @SarabethEvents.


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#TipfulTuesday – Socialize

It’s time to Socialize

Everyone is obsessed with social media these days. Whether it is Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter – you probably shamelessly follow best friends/idols for that instant notification something new is happening with them.  So why not add this new age of technology into your wedding?!

 Brand your big day by creating a wedding day hashtag to your instagram, we know they say that hashtaging is out but for your wedding day it is almost a must. By creating a hashtag you and your husband are able to see all the fun photos guest took at your wedding. Also you can use this hashtag after the wedding as well to keep your guest updated on your adventures as husband and wife. You can hashtag your honeymoon, new house, holidays, and even your anniversaries. What a wonderful way to keep all your guest updated on your new journey in life together.

 What you will need is to create a hashtag (#), for example:


 We love to create “event-day” hash-tags by using http://twubs.com/ – where you can keep the conversation alive with your followers on twitter!

 Make sure it is something easy for your guest to # away with all evening – and rhyming get’s you bonus points!

 Tell us about your wedding day hashtags!


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#TipfulTuesday – Get Your Dance On…

Photo Credit: Tracy Autem

Photo Credit: Tracy Autem

Wedding Show Stopper

 For years bride & grooms all around the world have taken dance lessons for their first dance as husband and wife. Either they learn the two step, waltz or maybe spice it up with some salsa!

 Recently you’ve all seen the viral video but it’s by far one of the greatest dances of all time! Below is the first dance of Terra + Drake shot by Joe Pollock Films to the Dirty Dancing sound track “The Time of My Life”:


 How about doing a dance mix for your first dance? Start with your favorite love song then switch it up to a high-energy song and dance! The main reason we love this is that it really sends the message to your guests that they are going to have fun and this wedding (YOUR wedding) is going to be better than any other wedding they’ve ever been to. It creates an experience and experiences create stories!

Photo Credit: Tracy Autem

Photo Credit: Tracy Autem

 Here are some of our favorites:

Michael Jackson:

The Way You Make Me Feel

Right Said Fred: I’m too Sexy

Grease Sounds Track: We Go Together

Black Eyed Peas: I Got a Feeling

Trey Songz: Bottoms Up

 You too can stop the show at your wedding – if you’re in the DFW area give our friend Greg Michaels a call (click here for a brief introduction) and he’ll help you coordinate a dance like no other! 

Tweet us @SarabethEvents #TipfulTuesday what songs you love for a first dance!


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Tipful Tuesday: Will You Be My Groomsman?

Cigar Request

Girls aren’t the only ones that can have fun when it comes to asking your closest friends to be a part of your special day! We know it is bit harder for men to ask their best friends to be a groomsman/ Best man. So, we have picked our favorite ways to ask your guys to be apart of your wedding party. Remember to make it fun! 

Groomsman Beer Bottle 

  1. What do most guys love to drink when watching the big game? Beer of course! Why not customize a set of Beer bottles for each Groomsman, asking them to be in your wedding party.
  2. There is something about a Cigar that screams “celebration”. Here is a great way to ask your best friend or family member to be in your wedding with your favorite cigar to celebrate.
  3. There are tons of cards asking “Will You Be my Groomsman?” why not change it up a bit with this one.
  4. What guy doesn’t like a nice bottle of their favorite liquor? Add a Help wanted tag and you will have them hooked.

Bottle Tag

Good Luck – Twitter us @SarabethEvents letting us know how you asked your groomsmen!


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