#TipfulTuesday: Saying Thank You!

I just love the saying: “Gratitude is the most exquisite form of courtesy”. Even the sentence is pretty.

Here’s a quick tip: SEND.A.THANK.YOU.NOTE. Every once in a while – bring out your pretty stationary and put that pretty pen to work. It takes only a few moments and creates a lasting impression.

Did someone go above and beyond and you would like to say a little more than a hand written note? Here are some of our favorite “Sussies” (this means a little something, brought to you by our great friends a Creme de la Creme Cake Company):

  1. Pretty Perfect Packages – adorable customizable thank you packages. Bonus points: you’re shopping local!
  2. Yellibelly Chocolate – because who doesn’t like chocolate?!
  3. Dandelion Cheesecakes – they deliver their tinies (bite-size) or large cheesecakes all over Dallas Fort-Worth plus they ship nationwide!
  4. Tiff’s Treats – coooookkkkkkiiiieeeees. Warm, warm cookies (and milk).
  5. Customizable stationary – so eventually they can thank you back.
  6. Favorite Food – do you know they have a favorite food or are from a certain area? If so, do a little bit of research and send them something from there.

We hope these ideas have given you a little inspiration for gratitude. Follow us on Facebook @SarabethEvents or Instagram @SarabethEvents.


Sarabeth Events Team

#TipfulTuesday: Bridal Party Field Day!

Weddings are not only stressful for the bride and groom but sometimes stressful for your bridal party. Most bridal parties are composed of your best friends at different stages throughout your life, so typically they are not going to know each other too well. Especially if you and your fiancé have grownup in completely different cities or states then more than likely the groomsmen and bridesmaids would know nothing about each other. So why not create a fun activity to break the ice and get everyone to know one another. Do you remember field day in elementary school? It was definitely one of our favorite days in school, you got to do all these relays and compete in groups….plus you didn’t have to go to class all day! Here is some of our favorite games that would be perfect for a Bridal Party Field Day!


Before starting your field day, break everyone up into teams. Mix up your bridesmaids & groomsmen with each other….how else are they going to get to know one another.

The Games:

  1. The classic potato sack race
  2. Tug a war
  3. Water ballon toss
  4. Watermelon eating contest, perfect for the warm summer months
  5. Flip cup (can always be played to non alcoholic beverages)
  6. Capture the flag
  7. Over under with a wet sponge
  8. Egg on a spoon race
  9. Bride & Groom Trivia; come up with questions for each team to answer about you two

We hope this might help you break the ice with your bridal party. Tell us how you introduced your wedding party in a fun way. Follow us on Facebook @SarabethEvents or on Pinterest @SarabethEvents


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