#TipfulTuesday: Summer Wedding Cool Down

Summer is a popular time to say “I Do” as we slowly are approaching the hotter days of the season here are some favorites of our to help keep your wedding cool!


Sitting out in the sun can heat up real quick. Make sure you have created layout for both your ceremony and reception that provides some shade. If you’re out of luck on shade add a tent with AC options. Parasols, fans and sunglasses are also great ways to bring down the sun and can make fun wedding favors.

water & lemonade pic

Always have a beverage station ready that your guest can guzzle on! Having iced water and lemonade provided to guests prior to ceremony and throughout the evening will help keep your guests and their temps tires at bay!

steel city pops wedding

Photo Credit: Spindle Photography

Offer chilled treats!! Whether for a cocktail hour pass or a midnight snack, you can never go wrong with an ice cream truck, shaved ice or popsicle cart! Find fun new flavors and colors that will tie into your wedding for a sweet treat! We love Steel City Pops here in the DFW area.

Wedding pool party

For those having festivities beach or pool side, take be afraid to take advantage of the water, but definitely wait until you have the go ahead from the bride! You can do a trash the dress photo. An after pool party might be exactly what you need to cool down on such a fun night!

How do you plan to cool things down this summer for your wedding? Tell us all about it, follow us on Facebook @SarabethEvents or Instagram @SarabethEvents.


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#TipfulTuesday: Upgrading Your Wedding Details

Here at Sarabeth Events, we’re all about the small details! No matter the size of your budget, there is a way to upgrade your wedding with a design that reflects you!

Let’s count down just a few of our favorite ways to dress up a wedding!

f8studio_carter rose_mollie dale-0004

Photo Credit: F8 Studio

1. Your wedding dress will be one of the most important wardrobe pieces you wear and whether you choose to stay simple or go all out, a great way to upgrade your dress is the accessories!! From embellished belts, illusion bodices or boleros, to a chapel length veil; you’re sure to find the perfect pairing to upgrade your look!

Photo Credit: Fairytale Photography

2. Your ceremony may be perfection on its own depending on location, but an upgrade to consider is creating a backdrop for your “I Dos”! Floral arches, tissue paper walls, or a candlelight display all create a romantic vocal point for your guests and will be captured beautifully during not only the ceremony but all your pre and post ceremony pictures!

View More: http://jenneferwilson.pass.us/kelly--john--wedding

Photo Credit: Jennefer Wilson

3. You should spare no expense when it comes to the ambiance of your reception space! Lighting is a huge trend and we are continuing to find new ways to light up the evening. LED up lights and pin spots, lots of candles, vintage chandeliers to modern light bulbs and cafe lights are just a few favorites to transform a room! Don’t forget to upgrade your space with the perfect glow you envision!

5. Table settings are a great way to upgrade your wedding and can be done in many different ways! Depending on your budget you may not be able to do it all but see what suits you best! Also consider switching out China, glassware or napkins if creating a certain look. If nothing else, upgrade your head table the most with all your favorites!

6. We love floral and just like lighting, it can impact your wedding! For reception, always note a couple of different looks for centerpieces that range in price so you can have some big volume pieces to make a statement! Go all out on your bouquet adding favorite flowers you may not get to showcase anywhere else and if repurposing bouquets for the reception make sure they don’t stand alone but instead add to existing designs to help add extra wow factor!

Photo Credit: Jennefer Wilson

7. Linens are a great way to upgrade your space and can help bring a color palette together. This doesn’t mean you need to go overboard but finding the right places to add an upgraded look to will go a long way with your design. Guestbook tables or cake displays to your head table are great areas to spotlight. And with tons of color options and textures, this will be an upgrade you can’t go wrong with adding!


Photo Credit: Mariel & Joey

8. Paper products are always a great and simple upgrade. From the programs to menus and thank you cards, you’ll provide a consistent look throughout your wedding! Also create a monogram to adorn your paper goods for a nice custom look!

No matter what you choose to upgrade, go all out in that area. Prioritizing what’s important to you will help find what elements are worth upgrading! Also make sure you know what all your venue has to offer as they may have some fun upgrades you can add along the way. But most importantly make sure what your upgrading reflects you as a couple! We hope this helps you with finishing your small details for your upcoming wedding. Follow us on Facebook @sarabethevents or Instagram @sarabethevents.


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#TipfulTuesday: Bridal Party Field Day!

Weddings are not only stressful for the bride and groom but sometimes stressful for your bridal party. Most bridal parties are composed of your best friends at different stages throughout your life, so typically they are not going to know each other too well. Especially if you and your fiancé have grownup in completely different cities or states then more than likely the groomsmen and bridesmaids would know nothing about each other. So why not create a fun activity to break the ice and get everyone to know one another. Do you remember field day in elementary school? It was definitely one of our favorite days in school, you got to do all these relays and compete in groups….plus you didn’t have to go to class all day! Here is some of our favorite games that would be perfect for a Bridal Party Field Day!


Before starting your field day, break everyone up into teams. Mix up your bridesmaids & groomsmen with each other….how else are they going to get to know one another.

The Games:

  1. The classic potato sack race
  2. Tug a war
  3. Water ballon toss
  4. Watermelon eating contest, perfect for the warm summer months
  5. Flip cup (can always be played to non alcoholic beverages)
  6. Capture the flag
  7. Over under with a wet sponge
  8. Egg on a spoon race
  9. Bride & Groom Trivia; come up with questions for each team to answer about you two

We hope this might help you break the ice with your bridal party. Tell us how you introduced your wedding party in a fun way. Follow us on Facebook @SarabethEvents or on Pinterest @SarabethEvents


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#TipfulTuesday: Are You Expecting Too Much From Your Bridesmaids?


Photo Credit: Peyronet Photography

When planning a wedding brides tend to want it all….am I right? I mean it is your one big day in your life when all eyes are focused on you so why not get your fairytale wedding. Creating this fairytale wedding can come with a lot of stress, so you turn to your bridesmaids to keep you calm. Only are you asking too much of them? We have put together a list of matron of honor and bridesmaids typical to-do’s to help you get through the big day!


Photo Credit: Peyronet Photography

Maid Of Honor:

  • Go to bridal salons to help her pick the perfect wedding dress
  • Assist with picking out the bridesmaids dresses & accessories (keeping mindful of a budget that all ladies can afford)
  • Host/Cohost a bridal shower
  • Plan the bachelorette party
  • Responsible for keeping a record of gifts received at showers, so bride & groom can write thank you cards
  • Gives both shower & wedding gift (keep in mind do not need to break the bank)
  • Help with assembling invitations
  • Responsible for attire, travel, and accessories
  • Help run errands week-of the wedding
  • Prepared to give a toast at the reception
  • Be there the day-of for the bride


  • Assist with picking out the bridesmaid dresses
  • Help/Cohost bridal shower and bachelorette party with Maid of Honor
  • Gives both shower & wedding gift (keep in mind do not need to break the bank)
  • Responsible for attire, travel, and accessories
  • Help Maid of Honor with errands week of for the bride
  • Be there the day-of for the bride
  • Help get the dance floor started


Tell us about your bridesmaids and how they are helping you plan your big day! Follow us on Facebook @SarabethEvents or Tweet us @SarabethEvents


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