#TipfulTuesday: Cutting Down Your Wedding Guest List

When planning a wedding your guest list is one of the first places you need to start. In order to pick a venue you need to be sure your guest size fits. Guest list can get out of hand real quick depending how big your family is or depending how close you are to your coworkers. When making your guest list here are some people to rethink before putting them on the list


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  1. If you come from a large family with extended cousins you sometimes feel like you need to invite them all but with children that might be your entire list. Truly you need to invite only your immediate family, this includes your aunts, uncles, and first cousins. When it comes to second and third cousins that depends how close you are to them.
  2. Co-workers, of course you see most of these people on a daily basis but who do you really communicate with while at work? If you see this co-worker outside of work then they should certainly be on the list.
  3. Who gets a plus one, do not feel like every single person needs to have a plus one. If the best man usually has a new girlfriend every other month than it is best to just invite him. Think about your wedding pictures and who you want to see looking back at them years to come.
  4. Families with children, this is certainly up to the bride & groom if they want to invite children. An easy way to get away from this is to address the invitation to just the parents or state it will be an adult reception on the invitation. Of course you may want your niece & nephew there because they are your flower girl & ring bearer that does not mean you have to extend the invite to all other families with children.
  5. Parents guest list; give both sides the same amount of guest they can invite but go through the list with them. Sometimes you might have the same person already on your list as well.
  6. Childhood friends; if you have not seen or talked to them besides social media over the past two years then you can exclude them from the list. Although if their parents are invited due to being our your parents list then they will need to be included.

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You can also create a A & B list; the A list would include all your close family & friends people you would be so sad not to see on the biggest day of your life. The B list would be for example the co-workers you see every day but do not necessary have the closest relationship with. When sending out your invitations send the A list first and a couple weeks earlier than normal. Once you get some of the responses as a “no” you can start to send the B list.

We hope these suggestions help you when creating your wedding guest list. Tell us all about your wedding guest list, did you have problems cutting it down? Follow us on Facebook @SarabethEvents or Instagram @SarabethEvents.


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#TipfulTuesday: Including Your Groom In The Planning

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Planning a wedding can be one of the most stressful situations a couple is put through. Most fiancés will say whatever she wants I am happy with, but really she wants your opinion and thoughts.  You are about to say “I Do” for the rest of your life and you will be turning to each other for years come; needing each others opinions. We have come up with a few ways to get your groom involved in the wedding planning.

First sit down and discuss what you are both wanting out of the wedding. Does he want a band that will keep the guest dancing all into the night? If so put him in charge of the entertainment. Of course you both need to make the final decision together but he will be in charge of finding the bands and picking out the best one!


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The attire is very important for the bridal party, the bride is in charge of the bridesmaids so put him in charge of the groomsmen’s attire. Have him go try on styles and colors you have both picked. Then after selecting the mens attire he will have the task to get all the information to the groomsmen so they can get fitted.

One of a grooms most favorite parts of wedding planning is the food. When selecting your style of wedding discuss what kind of food you both want served. Maybe he loves hamburgers and fries and really wants to serve that at the wedding. Don’t worry you can totally do this with mini burgers served for cocktail hour or as a late night passed app. Be creative with his wishes when menu planning.


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With all this planning you are both going to need a vacation. Traditionally the groom is in charge of planning the honeymoon. So tell him just a few of your destination wishes and then let him take care of the rest.

Throughout the entire planning process keep him involved by giving him updates or asking his opinion. Show him the flowers you have picked. Let him decide on his style of grooms cake. Of course you two do not need to go to every vendor meeting together but just make sure his opinion is present.

We hope these tips help you with keeping your fiancé involved in the wedding planning process. Tell us all about how you and your husband planned your wedding together follow us on Facebook @SarabethEvents or Instagram @SarabethEvents.


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#TipfulTuesday: Wedding Dress Code

When planning your wedding the question of dress code comes up often. How causal do you want your guest to look and feel? We have come up with a few wedding dress code descriptions to help you when planning your wedding and help your guest on what to wear!

dress code 

Beach Destination:

Women- summer dress, light and flowy fabric, maxi length or above the knee, with sandals

Men- khaki or linen pants or shorts, button down shirt, no tie, with sandals or loafers


Women- Sundress, long or short skirt, nice shirt, with strappy sandals or wedges

Men- khaki pants or shorts, nice jeans, casual button down shirt



Women- a “little black dress”, cocktail dress made of chiffon or lace with heels

Men- Light or dark suit, tie, dress shoes, dress shirt



Women- Cocktail dress, chiffon or silk fabric with heels

Men: Dark business suit, tie, dress shirt, dress shoes

Black Tie:

Women- long evening gown, cocktail dress with high heels

Men- tuxedo, formal white shirt, cuff links, black patent shoes, black bow tie

We hope this helps you and your guests on knowing what to wear to your dress code wedding! Tell us all about your wedding dress code, do you wish you would have done black tie or causal? Follow us on Facebook @SarabethEvents or Instagram @SarabethEvents.


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#TipfulTuesday: Rain or Shine

When planning a spring wedding you are imagining this beautiful outdoor garden with colorful flowers surrounding you am I right? Although this sounds like the perfect setting for your nuptials you have to think about the weather. Hear in Texas April showers have begun and can put a damper on your wedding day. So what is the back up plan?


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When selecting your venue you need to ask what the back up plan is for bad weather. Will it hold all your guest, some botanical gardens only have a small arbor for your guest to go under and it may not cover everyone.

If you need to rent a tent, know what the additional cost is going to be ahead of time. Find out when you have to make the final call to order it. Also you may need to think about heat or air conditioning for that tent. If there is no option at your venue for an indoor space, find a back up space. Call local churches or hotels to see if they have the space available.

Pictures, if you are planning to take formal photos outside you will need to figure out a new space. Ask your photographer to scout out some areas, maybe in the hotel you are getting ready at. If you don’t mind getting a little wet, get some large umbrellas and go for it. Just remember to have your hair & makeup artist to stick around a little longer for touch ups.

Guest traveling in the rain; will they have to walk far outdoors to get to the ceremony or reception? If so maybe think about valet or arrange a shuttle bus to pick them up at their hotel. Plan to have extra umbrellas to help get your guest in and out of their transportation.

How will you let your guest know about the back up plan? If you are deciding to use the back up plan of a new location a couple of days before the wedding pick up phone and start calling, also post on your wedding website. If you are just using a different space within the same property just put up sign directing guest.

No matter what don’t let the rain damper you day! It has been said by many cultures that rain on the wedding day is lucky. So have fun and smile, be adventures and take some photos in the rain with your sweetie. If its rain or shine the only thing that matters is you will be a Mrs. at the end of the day!


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We hope this helps you with creating a back up plan for your wedding day. Tell us all about your bad weather stories or about your back up plan. Follow us on Facebook @SarabethEvents or Instagram @Sarabeth Events.


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