TipfulTuesday: What you need to know about a First Look!

Photo Credit: The Purple Pebble

The First Look has become a very popular moment on wedding days, where couples are taking the time to see each other before the ceremony and capture that moment when the groom finally gets to see his bride in her dress.   Here are a few tips on how to make your First Look extra special. 

Make the moment private!  Take this time for just the bride and groom to let them have their private and special moment.   You don’t want to have family members and friends making comments and trying to step in and telling you or the photographer what to do and capture.  Make the First Look a moment just for you two! 

Photo Credit: Letter A Photography

Trust your photographer to capture the moment and to get all of the best shots!   This is their job and you need to trust them to capture every moment and get all of those special shots! 

Having a First Look helps to knock out all of those photos that feel rushed and take away from the time between the ceremony and reception.  With a First Look, bridal party photos, family photos and bride and groom photos can all be complete before the ceremony even begins.  There also is more time to not have to rush and miss some of the photos you really wanted to capture! 

We hope this information helps you decide between having a First Look or not and to be prepared when the time comes! Follow us on Facebook @SarabethEvents or Instagram @SarabethEvents.


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#TipfulTuesday: Wedding Planning Break Date Night Ideas!

Date Night

Wedding planning can be stressful on your relationship; it is important to put things aside and take time for just the two of you. That being said we know a four star restaurant or long weekend vacation is out of the picture with all your wedding expenses. Here are a few of our favorite date nights that wont break the budget.

Remember no wedding talk on these dates!

  1. Cook at meal together; use some of those new kitchen gadgets you registered for.
  2. Go on a bicycle ride around a park, if you live in Fort Worth try the bike sharing.
  3. Host game night with a few of your friends, everyone can bring a dish & their drink of choice.
  4. Go antiquing; you would be surprised at the treasures you might find.
  5. Enjoy an evening in the park listening to music, check out your local parks for their activity schedule.
  6. Pack a picnic and go to the lake, enjoy the sunset together.
  7. Go to a driving range and hit a few golf balls or to a batting cage.
  8. Drive around and look at open houses, you will both find out a lot on what each other wants in a home.
  9. Drive-in movie night; pack a dinner and enjoy a movie from your car.
  10. Get into wedding day shape, go jogging or walking together.
  11. Know your city? Go sightseeing around your own city, then you can tell your wedding guest the history of your city!
  12. Check out an open mic night at a local coffee shop.

We hope this helps you plan your next non wedding talk date night! Please tell us your inexpensive date night ideas. Tweet us @SarabethEvents or follow us on facebook @SarabethEvents.


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