Tipful Tuesday: DIY Party Favors

Sarabeth Events is all about the little touches, that is why we love DIY party favors. Why spend a ton of money on silly plastic toys that wind up in the trash. Spend a little more time and less money to create fabulous party favors that kids will actually use or send each little one home with something they can make themselves!
Having a cowboy or cowgirl child’s party? Why not give your child’s friends a pony to take home with them!
Are these not amazing?! So easy to make all you need is:
Poly fill
Brown and cream yarn (You could also use red or pink for a girl horse)
Red heel socks (You could use different colors or styles as well, which are cheaper)
1″ wood dowel
Glue gun
Kneading needle
This memorable party favor can be made around $5-$8 each.
Or, as mentioned above, send each kiddo home with something to continue the fun:

Girly Dress Up Party?

Creativity For Kids Sparkling Hair Accessory Set Quick Information
$14.99 at Target

Cooking Party?

Creativity for Kids Lots O’ Loops Potholder Loom Quick Information
$15.89 at Target

Robot Party?

Creativity for Kids Wind-Up Workshop Robots Quick Information
$11.89 at Target
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Tipful Tuesday: Find A Wedding Dress QUICK

Trying to Find the Perfect Dress in a Short Amount of Time?
Screen Shot 2013-04-19 at 1.31.46 AM
Every bride wants to have that feeling when they find the perfect wedding dress. If you wait too long before your wedding date you might just be out of luck in getting your perfect dress ordered in time. For a custom dress it can take up to 9 months to come in, that does not even include your alterations.
Have no worries at Bliss Bridal in Fort Worth has introduced an off the rack section to their salon. This gives brides that might have a short window to their wedding date to still find the perfect wedding dress! Also this can help a bride that is on a smaller budget.  Bliss Bridal specializes in providing the latest designs to their brides. From classic lines to today’s hottest trends they can fulfill the dreams of the most fashion forward and modern brides.
Check out Bliss Bridal at www.blissfw.com
Rachel | Sarabeth Events

Tipful Tuesday: A First Look


Photo Credit: Edmonson Photography
A new trend has risen to be one of our favorite wedding photos, The First Look! This is when the bride and groom see each other before the wedding and this private moment is documented with the photographer. We think that typically on your wedding day your nerves will be in shock. And you may ask yourself,  is he going to like my dress, will everyone have a good time, how does the reception look….the list goes on with the thoughts that will be running through your head. So, why not let the man of your dreams calm down those nerves. It only takes one look to make all your worries go away.dallas_wedding_photographer_104 dallas_wedding_photographer_105
Also, by doing a first look you have created more time with your family and friends. Being able to take almost all of your photos before the ceremony will save you more than 30 minutes post-ceremony; which in turn gets you to your reception faster. When coming down the aisle your photographer has no control over the lighting or guests movements. By taking these intimate pictures you are capturing the initial reactions to each other. These smiles and tears are not always as obtainable to photograph in the ceremony. Also you get to say how excited you are, giggle and laugh together, look at each other in amazement. This is a priceless moment not to pass up!
If you still linger on the fence about first look – don’t worry – you’re not alone. About 40% of Sarabeth Events couples are partaking in this new trend. And rest assured, the moment of you walking down the aisle is NOT lessened by the first look – in fact, we’ve heard it’s even more powerful knowing that you’ve shared that special private moment before – just you two.
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Happy Thursday!

We wanted to give all of you brides & grooms heads up that TONIGHT is a fantastic event called


This is a fantastic opportunity for you to receive first hand information on photography for your upcoming wedding.

There’s only FOURTEEN tickets left — so if you haven’t hired a photographer and don’t know where to start, questions to ask and how to interview a new photographer — be there tonight. It’s FREE! Its in Fort Worth and it’s really, really FUN!

Here’s the link:


More information here: