Tipful Tuesday: Pro's to seeing the bride before the ceremony!

I know this is totally against wedding tradition but these are some really great pro’s to seeing the bride before the ceremony!

Enjoy a moment alone together: Think about it, when you get to the end of the aisle you cant talk, you can barely touch, and you can’t kiss till the end! This way you can have a moment alone together and you can talk, kiss, cry and have special moment to yourselves before your wedding. This also makes for some really cute pictures!

Photos: Not only will this make a cute photo opportunity but you can get all your family and and bridal party pictures done pre ceremony so you can get to your after party sooner!

You can still the get the aisle experience: You may think that seeing the bride before the ceremony will take away from that moment when you walk down the aisle, but it won’t! You’re about it get married, and thats huge!! You’re walking down as a single person and coming back as a couple, the moment is still there!