Tipful Tuesday: Rehearsal Dinner!

A rehearsal dinner is a great way to relax before your wedding and to catch up with your family and bridal party!

What kind of dinner should you have?

  • If your having a formal wedding try having a more casual rehearsal dinner. Its a great way to have your guest more relaxed and comfortable and not worry about having to get dressed up for two events!
  • You could do a backyard BBQ or just a casual restaurant!

So who should host the dinner?

  • Traditionally its the grooms family who hosts the dinner, but today it could be either family or just the couple themselves!

Who should you invite?

  • Depending on how big you want your dinner, you usually just invite your immediate family and your wedding party with their significant other.
  • You could also invite some of your out of town guest to show appreciation for them coming into town to celebrate your day!