2010 Dallas NACE Tabletop Competition

We were so honored to dream and design a table for the American Association of Certified Wedding Planners {AACWP} for the 2010 NACE Tabletop Competition…

This years NACE tabletop theme was “Superhero” and each tabletop was assigned a child that has cancer and the proceeds benefit Heroes For Children.

One month ago Sarabeth Events began this exciting journey by receiving “Brooke” as our survivor and she choose Sleeping Beauty as her superhero! We were so excited about this challenge and we quickly scheduled a movie-night to do ‘research’.

We decided to move ahead with our design… a full-fledged Royal Reception {which Disney always seems to leave out… and it’s like the best part, right?!}. This Royal Reception would be held in Princess Auroras Woodland Home {to ward off the paparazzi} and would be a very small intimate affair to remember.

Design commenced by starting BIG {a little too big, or at least we thought}… we would need to construct a Woodland Forest in Union Station and everything would need to be fully-thought out and every little detail planned perfectly.

Our perfect team came together by joining forces with Antebellum Design Co., Ducky Bobs and es-events for lighting. Although we are all packed with experience, we’ve actually all just started our own businesses… so we thought this would be a perfect time to ‘introduce’ ourselves and our talents to the masses!

So, after many, many hours, meetings and sleepless, excited nights the day was upon us… and it took us 12 hours to set up our dream-come-true, happily-ever-after Woodland Reception; complete with Woodland friends of Princess Auroras.

It was an “ah ha” moment as we stepped back and realized what we had designed a month earlier was a reality; what we had seen so many times in our dreams was a reality… we were amazed with the results and we all couldn’t have done it without our rockstar design team.

Luckily, the wonderfully talented Jennifer Yarbro was there to capture our dream before we had to take it down at the end of the night. But, before that… we had an amazing night as we met our survivor and inspiration Brooke! She was adorable and it made all the hard work and sleepless nights worth it.

As the evening ended we were received the “Best Association Tablescape Design” — only one of 5 awards!!!! We truly can’t voice how honored we were to accept this award.  We can’t wait until next year…

Our above-mentioned rockstar design team was:

Antebellum Design Co. {floral/branching/ivy… yes, it’s all real}

es-events {lighting}

Ducky Bobs {awesome rentals}

Jennifer Yarbro {fantastic photo’s below}

… We can’t wait to work with this team again… we couldn’t have done it without all of you!


Sarabeth | Amanda | Fallon